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Cashmere Office

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Cashmere, WA 98815

We have a highly-skilled CPA with an Accreditation in Business Valuation from the American Society of Certified Public Accountant. We are members of the Forensic and Valuation Services Section of the AICPA. Facing a divorce or wrongful termination? Looking for a value of your present small business? Find yourself in a situation where assets may have been misappropriated? Our experience with litigation support will help you resolve your conflict. We work closely with your attorney to resolve your situation in an as cost-effective manner as possible.

Services we offer include:

Client Centered


  • Quantifying economic damages / Calculating economic losses
  • Performing analysis to determine a preliminary estimate of economic losses



  • Preparation of Calculation of Value Report
  • Preparation of Valuation Report


  • Expert Testimony at Trial


  • Tracing assets
  • Investigation of suspected irregularities, specifically in connection with a theft of cash, embezzlement, and misappropriate of assets
  • Review and analysis of credit card statements, bank statements, receipts, electronic records, or otherwise
  • Review and analysis of QuickBooks or other accounting software general ledger details
  • Rebuttal of Opposing Expert Report.
  • Review and provide opinions regarding Opposing Expert Report & related documents for economic damages, valuations, tax concerns, etc
  • Review of report and analysis of Opposing Expert
  • Written critique of Opposing Expert Report or Valuation


  • Spendable income analysis for purposes of determining support
  • Preparation of marital property list with proposed division of community property
  • Investigation of allegations of misappropriation of marital assets
  • Preparation of valuation of the business ownership interests
  • Tracing separate property interests to establish marital vs. separate property
  • Analysis of separate property interests
  • Consultation, investigations, accounting, and other services including planning strategy
  • Calculation of the tax effect of proposed settlements
  • Analysis of the income of the parties and calculate the income tax consequences of maintenance to both parties
  • Analysis of income of the parties to assist counsel with child support calculations
  • Review the petition and any other related documents
  • Calculation of the present value of husband’s, wife’s, or both, retirement plans
  • Work with legal counsel in exploring alternatives for the division of the marital estate

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