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With the ever-increasing complexity in laws and regulations, you or your small business may be faced with challenges that require assistance from a skilled Certified Public Accountant. We look holistically at your situation and customize an attainable plan of action with strategies designed specifically for you. Our team is interested in helping you meet goals for yourself, not our goals for you. That is why a conversation with your CPA is one of the most important you can have, and it should not be just once a year.

We will help you make sense of changes in our legislation that impact your future.

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Working For You

Working For You

Tamarack Tax and Consulting, LLC is committed to working for you. We are not collection agents of the U.S. Government and endeavor to help you pay as little as you legally can, in terms of income taxes. Our team has the skills to work through the most complicated of accounting information, however, we encourage our clients to be as organized as possible. Being organized is key to helping your accounting team work through the complexities of your tax situation with the least amount of effort. Ultimately, this will save you time and money. Lets work together to answer any questions you have about issues you are facing.

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